Our vision is for York County youth to live in a healthy and accepting environment free from violence and substance abuse.



We will develop a safe and healthy environment for all York County youth and discuss the issues teens face and make changes through educational opportunities for the youth and parents.


How We Do It

  • AYOB is a youth lead school-based coalition committed to fostering healthy and positive lifestyles among the youth of Rock Hill. We work together to build a courageous community in which all youth can succeeded. The Coalition's outreach activities include teenagers who represent the diversity of youth experiences in Rock Hill. AYOB members are a group of committed high school students who meet regularly to plan activities that help support and empower young people living in Rock Hill.




  • Increase essential community assets by promoting healthy youth activities through events, media, public forums, and other initiatives.
  • Increase healthy behavior such as school success, respect and value for diversity, good health, and leadership and reduce risky behavior such as problem alcohol use, drug abuse, and violence through promoting essential assets for youth.
  • Empower all youth by helping them identify and develop their own responses to the barriers in our communities that impede the building of essential assets.